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Terms of Usage

Usage of anything contained within this package constitutes credits on server's home page / server info page of the website WITH a link back to my website. Please do NOT use my hard work without giving proper credit. Thank you! If you find a server using this release without giving credit, please shoot me an e-mail with the full details.

The sprites, scripts, maps, and all other content found on this site are either original creations or edits made by Justin Tynne for use in the Ragnarok Online game environment. Usage of the contents found on this website is free, and sprites may be used on private servers as donation items to generate revenue for servers so long as proper credits are given to the author.

If you use anything contained within this website, please consider sending a donation via Paypal on the donate page. I spend a lot of time working on the content contained within this site. Any amount helps keep my projects online, but also encourages me to release more of my content.

Thank you for downloading and keeping the content I worked tirelessly on alive!

You may NOT re-distribute, sell, or claim these works as your own. If anyone is found breaching this, please report them to me immediately. © 2011-2018 jTynne - Ragnarok Online © Gravity Inc. All Rights Reserved