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Most of my work with sprites revolves around sprite recolors, be they headgear recolors, monster recolors, NPC recolors, or what have you. As such, I have a rather large collection of sprite recolors, however, I have begun dabbling in creating original sprites recently. I do so hope that the sprites found here inspire and aids server owners to create innovative storyline content for their servers.

jTynne's Christmas Kafra w/Hair Band - New!

For my second and third sprites, they're pretty decent! The Kafra is a bit on the bright side, but is meant to match the Kafra from the kRO Login Screen released this month. The Kafra Band edit is made to match the one worn in the artwork as well.

Download: Clicky - 34.1kb, Dec. 14, 2011

jTynne's Poring-Type Rucksacks - Original Creation!

These are my first original sprites made from scratch. Although they're not PERFECT I'd like to think they came out pretty decent for a first attempt!
Download: Clicky - 166kb, Dec. 12, 2011

jTynne's 100 Monster Sprite Recolors

Sprite recolors from over the years. There are 102 sprites in this package, however, two are repeats (sorry!).
Download: Clicky - 5.75mb, Dec. 12, 2011

jTynne's Xmas Hat/Monster Recolors

This package includes three monster recolors (Santa Drops, Santa Poporing, and Santa Marin), and 11 headgear recolors (Black/Blue/Cyan/Green/Orange/Pink/Violet/Yellow Santa Hats and Santa Drops / Marin / Poporing animated hats). Definitely a MUST HAVE for the holiday season!
Download: Clicky - 533kb, Dec. 12, 2011 © 2011-2018 jTynne - Ragnarok Online © Gravity Inc. All Rights Reserved