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Over the years I've scripted a large variety of things. Here, I'll be releasing newly created content made specifically to be publicly released. Jump to the bottom of the page for demonstration examples of code for reference or educational purposes.

Super Kafra "All In One"
This script features a Healer, Storage, Mail, Auction, Skill/Status Reset, Last Warp, and Login Event Options as part of an "all in one" NPC. There are numerous options available at the top of the script to configure, so be sure to check them out! There is also a save feature on the NPC that allows players to set their save position based on the coordinates they speak to the NPC from (this can be set to only work in town maps in the configuration), making it much easier for server owners to create new spawn points for their players.
Download: Clicky - Dec. 12, 2011

4vs4 Party PVP Gateway
This is a 4 team, 4 member per team PVP Gateway script. This is an excellent tool for 16 player battles and can easily be built upon to suit the needs of any server.
Download: Clicky - Dec. 12, 2011

GM Login Events
A very simple login event NPC for Game Masters which activates @hide, @monsterignore, @notrade, and @main, upon login for accounts with GM level 10 or above. Can easily be custimized and built upon.
Download: Clicky - Dec. 12, 2011

Language Prefixes
A script request on rAthena's board, this script allows players to choose a prefix title to show what their primary language or nationality is to other players, eliminating the hassle of having to tell people where you're from or what language you speak. In this version, players must pay a zeny fee. To remove it, set the second argument in the callsubs to 0.
Download: Clicky - Dec. 12, 2011

Script Examples

The scripts below are to be referenced for educational purposes only. Some are my creations, others are not. As some are unfinished, I will not guarantee their proper execution on live servers. Use at your own discretion!
Click here to view my scripting examples. © 2011-2018 jTynne - Ragnarok Online © Gravity Inc. All Rights Reserved