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Combining the various facets of my passion for content creation, I put together numerous content packages that include virtually everything needed to use my content on your server with minimal effort.

Helheim Release

Contains a town, three field maps, 2 event field maps (used for PK PVM), 1 dead branch arena map, numerous monsters (with full data), warps, spawns, and more. This was originally released for UtopiaRO v1.0 as an extension of Niflheim for Halloween in 2010. It expanded from just a town and two field maps, to all that is in this package.
Download: Clicky - 12.7mb, Dec. 12, 2011

Eden / Cavern d'Bastion Release

Contains numerous monster sprites for three field maps and three dungeon maps, along with all their coding, spawns, warp portals, and more. This was originally released for UtopiaRO v2.0, but is now publicly available as that server is no longer online.
Download: Clicky - 7.37mb, Dec. 12, 2011 © 2011-2018 jTynne - Ragnarok Online © Gravity Inc. All Rights Reserved