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Over the years I've created numerous maps that are no longer used due to being made for previous server projects. In addition to the maps found in the package downloads, the maps found here are all original creations of mine which are available for free download. Enjoy!

Originally created in 2008 for SerenityRO as an alternate main town, this map has special meaning to me as it was my first ever map I made. Freshly updated in 2011 with a better lightmap and a few walk tile fixes, this makes a great town for any server.
Download: Clicky - Dec. 13, 2011

Made for UtopiaRO v1, this map was the central hub for a lot of the storyline content I'd written for the server. By far one of my favorite maps I've made despite it's size and simplicity. Would make a great town branch from Rachel.
Download: Clicky - Dec. 13, 2011

Paros Lighthouse
This collection of maps covers both towers for the Paros Lighthouse area. Unfortunately, these maps are rather simplistic and small in size. I'd planned on updating them, but never found the time. They are provided "as-is", but are suitable for server use.
Download: Clicky - Dec. 13, 2011

uRO Event Maps
This small collection of maps features miscellaneous areas made for UtopiaRO v2 as part of its revamp. Great small maps in addition to larger event maps can be found here. Use your imagination.. surely something can be useful here!
Download: Clicky - Dec. 13, 2011

Castle of Chess
This map was made for UtopiaRO v1 as a collaborative effort between myself and sprite artist NekoV/"Saki". This dungeon map features a number of chess boards spanned across the whole dungeon. Unfortunately, the monster sprites she created for this map are NOT available for free, but the map itself is pretty neat used on its own, perhaps as an extension of Rachel Sanctuary or a WoE 2.0 dungeon.
Download: Clicky - Dec. 13, 2011

Sakura Town
This map was originally created for a client, who later released it without permission to do so to the public. I'm releasing it here as the original content creator, for free, because I can. What you know about that, sucka?!
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