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Hello and welcome to - My personal collective website of content by yours truly.
My goal is to pass on as much knowledge as I can to members of the private Ragnarok Online emulation communities as possible, as well as encourage others to do the same. Although I do offer paid services, this website will focus primarily on my free content releases.

The site is currently under construction, but please feel free to check back periodically to see what all I've managed to get online thus far!

Latest News:

Update! : The Xmas Kafra / Xmas Kafra Band sprites are now available for download. Enjoy!

After seeing the latest login screen by Gravity for Christmas, I was inspired to take a jab at not just modifying a headgear sprite, but also tackling my first NPC sprite edit as well. Below is the result of the past few hours of work:
While I have the sprite and .act themselves complete, I still need to get everything packaged into the appropriate folders for release, so likely at some point later today I'll be officially releasing both the NPC sprite and the hairband sprite.
Many of the pages are slowly filling out. I think all that's left are the jTynne and Guides pages, but everything else has content on them. I've been busy getting things online and organized to be uploaded, so hopefully the content that's up can be found to be quite useful. Enjoy it!

Check back later today for the sprite releases and thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to the start of my RO-related resource website! :D
For now, enjoy the collection images from the rucksack sprite I'll be releasing soon on rAthena:
I'll also be posting links to all my packages that're available for download here as well once I have time finish this site up. For now, however, if you wish to puruse my portfolio, do so by clicking here.
See you soon!
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