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Believe it or not, creating the volume of content I release takes a lot of time and effort that could be spent elsewhere, however, I do it because I love being able to express my creative side. Hosting this website also costs money (~$15 USD/month), and although it's not much, it's still a monthly expense. As such, I accept donations as means of saying "Thanks!" for using the content I create (or for simply enjoying browsing what I've created!).

Donating is easy, simple, and fast to do. All that you need is either a Paypal account, or you can use a debit or credit card. By clicking the button below, you'll be taken to my Paypal donation gateway. Paypal is the leader of online monetary transactions, with tens of millions of users worldwide. They're secure, and that's why I use them to handle all my transactions online.

For your donation, I offer various incentives, which are listed below:

All donation amounts will warrant either a name or alias as well as the month/year donated.
Donations of $10 or higher warrant a link added with your name on the bottom of this page.
Donations of $25 or higher will warrant not only a link, but also a brief description message (up to 250 characters) to be displayed with your name/link for the entirety of this site's existence.

Past Donors

Tasha L. Harris - Tasha's Touch Healing Jewelry - Dec. 2011
Jasc - ElysiumRO(.net) - Dec. 2011
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